Resource Links

These useful resource links will provide more information about diabetes, diabetes management, and diabetic eye disease, and some provide information about other eye diseases as well.

American Diabetes Association
Premiere organization dedicated to finding a cure for diabetes and improving the lives of people affected by diabetes
Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association
An organization of patients and health care professionals devoted to enhancing the quality of life for people with diabetes through exercise and physical fitness
Diabetes In Control
A web site for health care professionals passionate about diabetes care; includes the latest breaking research news
Diabetes Mall
Complete selection of books and materials for diabetes care
Diabetes Self-Management
An excellent web site and (especially) magazine for patients
A multimedia outlet dedicated to diabetes lifestyle, diabetes information, and diabetes community
Glaucoma Foundation, The
Educational materials and resources dedicated to glaucoma prevention, treatment, and research
Lighthouse International
An international clearinghouse for low vision information and products for the visually impaired
National Eye Institute
Information about federally sponsored (National Institutes of Health) research investigating all eye diseases and conditions
Optometric Physicians of Washington
Information about many eye disease and vision problems
Retina & Macula Specialists
Retina specialty practice with information about diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and retinal detachment
Rick Mendosa's Diabetes Directory
Information about all aspects of diabetes care, with an emphasis on Internet resources and diabetes web sites
Taking Control of Your Diabetes
Renowned nonprofit organization dedicated to diabetes education and patient empowerment
Voice of the Diabetic
Quarterly newsletter about diabetes with emphasis on materials for the visually impaired

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