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Diabetic Eye Disease:
Lessons From A Diabetic Eye Doctor
(How To Avoid Blindness and Get Great Eye Care)

Presenting critical information about seven different kinds of diabetic eye disease as well as important steps all diabetics must take to preserve and maximize vision, Dr. Chous clearly and comprehensively guides you through the fundamentals of good Click HERE to Order!diabetes management and great eye care. Written by an eye doctor, diabetes educator and patient advocate, this book is dedicated to helping you or someone you love avoid blindness and other complications by taking charge of your diabetes.

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The book is divided into chapters on the epidemiology (statistics) of diabetes and its complications, the reasons why diabetes causes complications throughout the body and the principles of good diabetes management, the major scientific studies about diabetes complications, the particulars about each type of eye disease as well as its various treatments, the elements of a high quality diabetic eye examination as well as questions every diabetic should ask her eye doctor, the author's recommendations for avoiding diabetic eye disease, and how and where to get help if you do suffer vision loss as a result of diabetes.

Book Reviews

". . . one of the most down to earth and practical books on this topic ever written. It takes a complicated subject and explains things in clear black and white terms and leaves no doubt in the reader's mind. This book will undoubtedly help the many people living with diabetes and eye disease, and those hoping to avoid it"

Steven V. Edelman, M.D.
Division of Diabetes and Metabolism
Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego

"Dr. Paul Chous has done a wonderful job of describing diabetic eye disease and the current thoughts on management. This book is a welcome addition for all patients to have a better understanding of their disease. Thank goodness Dr. Chous has written such a thoughtful work."

William K.M. Shields, M.D.
Retinal Specialist and Surgeon
Retina & Macula Specialists, Tacoma, WA

"It is very timely to have a book written by a doctor who has diabetes himself and can communicate so effectively with patients . . . I highly recommend it for any patient with diabetes, the lay public and doctors too!"

Lesley L. Walls, O.D., M.D.
Professor of Optometry, Family Practice Physician
President, Southern California College of Optometry

"It's a thrill for me to discover a great book about diabetes . . . this book is absolutely lucid . . . nothing in the published literature comes close to what Dr. A. Paul Chous offers us." see full review

Rick Mendosa
Health Care Writer on the Web
Publisher of "Diabetes Update

"This easy to read book is a must in your library, to read and use again and again to understand the process of diabetes related eye disease as well as diabetes health." see full review

Bonnie Sanders Polin, Ph.D.
Award-Winning Diabetes Author, "What's Hot", March 2003

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